About us

We are a passionate team from Dubrovnik behind the product Tap to Share - Digital Business Card. Our mission is simple: we want to improve the way people exchange contact information and build business relationships.

With the Tap to Share digital business card, we offer you more than just a contact card. We enable you to share your contacts quickly, easily and environmentally conscious, using NFC and QR code technology. With its innovation and practicality, Tap to Share sets a new standard in business communication.

Our location in beautiful Dubrovnik inspires us to be creative and strive for the highest quality standards. We are proud to promote our digital business card, not only as a product, but as a symbol of modern business and the pursuit of a simpler, more efficient and sustainable way of communication.

We are excited to be your partner in building your business presence and facilitating your communication. Thank you for choosing Tap to Share digital business card - your key to successful business contacts!