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Tap to Share - Digital Info Stand

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We present to you the Tap to Share digital info stand - a revolutionary tool that transforms the way information is presented and shared.  


This elegant and functional stand is equipped with NFC technology and a QR code, allowing you to quickly and easily share a variety of information with your clients, visitors or guests.  

Regardless of your industry or business, the Tap to Share digital info stand offers endless possibilities. You can use it as an interactive information point in your hotel, apartment or tourist facility, providing guests with useful details about local attractions, restaurants, transport or events. Also, you can set it up at fairs, conferences or sales points to present your products, services or business story in an attractive and modern way.  

Its ease of use, flexibility and adaptability make it an ideal tool for anyone who wants to highlight their communication and leave a lasting impression. Regardless of whether you are the owner of a small business, an exhibitor at a fair, a hotelier or the owner of a tourist facility, the Tap to Share digital info stand gives you the opportunity to deliver your messages in a modernized, interactive and efficient way. Take control of your communication and impress your customers and visitors with the Tap to Share digital info stand.  


Tap to Share - Digital Info Stand