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Tap to Share - Digital Business Card Black

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Introducing Tap to Share - a digital business card that allows you to share your contacts quickly, easily and elegantly.  

Thanks to QR code and NFC technology, there is no need for old-fashioned paper business cards. With Tap to Share, your business card is always in digital form, accessible and updated to reflect your latest information.  

This innovative technology not only ensures convenience, but at the same time emphasizes your commitment to modern business practices  


Main features of Tap to Share - Digital business cards:  

  1. Quick contact sharing: Easily share contact information with others with one tap.  
  1. Real-time updates: Ensure that your contacts always have the latest information about you and your business.  
  1. Analytics Tracking: Gain insight into the usage of your contact information to better understand interactions and opportunities.  
  1. Save money: Eliminate the cost of traditional paper business cards and reduce your business expenses.  
  1. Environmental awareness: Contribute to the preservation of the environment by replacing paper business cards with a digital format.  

Tap to Share - Digital Business Card Black